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Menu & Drinks

At La Petite Auberge, all our dishes are homemade...

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The chef, Pat, chooses the best products to create his dishes to make your meals really tasty.
We have a varied menu and offer a nice range of meat, poultry or fish along with typical dishes from the Savoie and Haute-Savoie regions. Also, children are not left behind as the chef can prepare dishes in smaller quantities, rather than proposing the traditional nuggets & chips...

Our products are carefully selected by our chef for their quality and flavour and are mainly from local suppliers. For example raclette cheese is provided by the GAEC La Touvière, from Essert-Romand; potatoes (for our home made fries and potatoes gratin) come from GAEC Lassy, located in Allinges; meanwhile the bread is proposed by Chez Céline located in Morzine, etc ...


Updated daily, our menu offers a rather moderate number of dishes; an extensive menu signifying to us less fresh produces in the plates! All our dishes are served with one or more side dishes according to your liking, depending on the season.

Our spring/summer/automn menus are displayed on a black board, which allows us to regularly renew the dishes proposed during this period.

We have chosen not to offer full menu 'starter / dish / dessert ' in the evening as we prefer not to impose a selection of dishes or to truncate the quantity served in the plates. The portions are plentiful and your appetite alone will comfort you in adding a starter or home made dessert to accompany your main course.

Scroll down to look at our menu or download it by clicking on the image below:
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The bar has a wide range of aperitifs and selected wines to accompany your meal along with a nice assortment of Belgian and French beers, tap or bottles. The bartender will be happy to make his specialty cocktail if requested: The Mojito!

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